Verizon LogoThis is going to be the first in a series of blog posts on my experiences with Verizon FIOS. I switched my internet connection a while back.

I had been using SpeakEasy DSL for a number of years. They provided good reliable service. They’re techs were knowledgeable and handled calls quickly and efficiently. My only complaint was that it was expensive. A 1.5Mb/s down 768k up service was $80/month. They did include a static IP, very flexible use terms (you can every resell your connection), shell accounts on a server, and other goodies. So I give SpeakEasy a thumbs up as I wave goodbye.

I have to say FIOS has been fabulous. For $45/month I get 15Mb/s download and 2 Mb/s upload. I use it all the time for my home office. I really do get those data rates from good web sites and it has been reliable. They block port 80, so you can’t run a web server on your connection, but that seems to be the only minor downside. Everything else is great. To make up for the the few things I was missing I got to DreamHost account for $10/month which I’ve also been happy about.

DreamHost has worked out well. They’re inexpensive, but they offer a very flexible service. They give you a lot of storage and a lot of bandwidth, plus a shell account, a good domain hosting interface, and a lot of one-click install software. You can run as many domains out of it as you want.

Finally, I got a PDA phone with internet service a little over a year ago. Although that is pricey and sort of a hassle to use, it has been great for increasing my connectivity. I get my email on the phone. I can SSH in to systems from the phone. My PBX sends me an email when anyone leaves a voicemail. I can check that and response from my phone. The phone means that I’m never really away from the office. That’s great for my responsiveness, but not so great for having a life.

That does it for internet service. My next post is going to talk about FIOS TV service compared to DirecTV.

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