Why Does It Take So Long?

 I was having a conversation with a colleague today and we were frustrated by how long it seems to take to get anything done. In this particular case we’re trying to schedule a meeting between a few people. We’ve both worked at large companies and small ones, but we realized things always take longer than you’d expect.

In large companies there’s a lot of bureaucracy. There are more people who have to be involved in any project and it gets more difficult to synchronize their schedules. There are more people who have to approve a project, so it takes time to process everything.

So it should be better with a small company, right? Not really. Now the problem is that lack of resources, sometimes that’s money, most often that’s time. In a small company everyone is working so hard that there’s not enough slack to add an additional project.

Either way things take longer than you’d expect.  Maybe there is some ideal middle ground, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen it.

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