A Trip to the Griffith Park Merry Go Round

Linda and I decided we need to get out of the house for a bit yesterday. We jumped on the motorcycle and took a ride over to the Griffith Park Merry Go Round. It’s was a fun trip. We hung out and had lunch, watched the kids, listened to the organ,and then did a brief hike in the hills and ended up at the old Los Angles Zoo location. Then a quick ride home. A few more observations and links to the photo album below.

There were several things I found interesting about the Merry Go Round. First is that it’s $2.00 to ride and you can get a jumbo beef dog and a large drink for $3.75. That’s pretty great value for your family entertainment dollar!

When we first showed up they had the speed cranked up pretty fast. Later when there were more small children it was slower. I suspect the operator can control the speed.

It’s clear that restoration is in progress. There’s a mix of worn and newly painted pieces. Both of beautiful in their own way.

Some of the senes depicted seemed sort of odd. Some sort of elves chasing fairies and tigers killing deer for example.

You can see the pictures we took in the album.

We also hiked up the hill and down again to end up at the old zoo. The old zoo was built and 1913 and closed in 1965 to be later replaced by the current Zoo. They’ve since turned several of the exhibits in to cook out areas. You can also make your way around back and see some of the sections behind the scenes. Much of it has been vandalized, but it was interesting to see. We didn’t get many good pictures, but I found another site that did.

Overall a really nice day trip out on the motorcycle.

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