Amu Student Agreement

Looking for university credits for real-life experiences? Once you are admitted here as a student, you can sign up for our Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) program, which grants academic recognition for knowledge acquired outside of college. Examples include knowledge gained in the workplace, training programs, running a business, working with voluntary organizations or even exercising a hobby. Integration Week: a week of integration is organized for exchange students, offering 20 hours of French lessons (4 hours per morning). This week will take place before the start of the academic year in September. At the beginning of each academic year, the University of Aix-Marseille organizes a reception desk for international students. You will find information on: Each accredited university has a requirement called “residence” that defines the number of credits that can be transferred to a diploma from the student`s “homeland” university. At AMU, our limits are transfer credits: at GoArmyEd, students must file a “student agreement” with the army until they take out 6 credits from AMU. Make sure there is an agreement between your university and AMU, and then follow the application process at your university. If you are selected, please read the instructions following the AMU component and the program you will join. There are a number of determining factors in the choice of a university major, and many transfer students consider the ability to transfer credits to be an important part of this decision. If you have already attended a university or university but have not yet obtained a bachelor`s degree, you are considered a student in transfer of a licence and you must apply for an assessment of eligibility for the transfer credit. You can find all the information on the admission requirements on our page for beginner students. The state of Virginia requires that at least 30% of studies be completed as a real estate credit, according to the State Council of Higher Education for Virginia (SCHEV).

The transfer credit limits for Virginia students are as follows: The following information was created for our students with Army TA and is based on information from the Milper Army Message 06-085 and a military brochure currently in circulation. Double diplomas and integrated courses The dual diploma allows students to obtain a diploma at each institution, after a complete and reciprocal recognition of their level of education at the foreign partner university. Decentralized training is a bachelor`s or master`s degree accredited by a French university, which, in accordance with the country`s law, is provided on the premises of a foreign partner university.

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