Catholic And Protestant Churches Come To Major Agreement

But the success of the Reformation put Protestantism in crisis. Winning is dangerous, what do you do next? Are you going back to the mother church? It does not seem: Protestantism has on the contrary become an end in itself, even if, from a Protestant point of view, it is difficult to explain why it should exist. The result is omitonationalism, in which each Protestant Church tries to distinguish itself from other Protestant churches in order to attract an increasingly small market share. It`s a shocking circumstance. At the beginning of the year of the Reformation, Pope Francis welcomed a high-level Protestant delegation from Germany to the Vatican on Monday. The Pope urged the two denominations to put aside all the remaining differences. (06.02.2017) In 2016-2017, a year of commemoration of the Reformation was marked by an ecumenical approach. In the past, Protestant churches had celebrated great anniversaries of the Reformation by venerating Martin Luther as a hero – but in recent years this approach has changed. Prayers were delivered by representatives of Protestant churches and Cardinal Vincent Nichols, Archbishop of Westminster and leader of the Catholic Church in England and Wales. Last week, the communities of three churches – two evangelicals and one Catholic – celebrated the centenary of the Reformation, which dates back to the publication of a list of 95 complaints against the Catholic Church. The massachusetts event was just one of many events that took place in the United States. Similar prayer masses were held earlier this year in Wisconsin and New Jersey, with more scheduled to run until October 31.

(The Marlborough event was remarkable in that it included representatives of the Catholic and Lutheran churches, as well as a father of the Congregation, a situation that refers to Mr. Bem`s ecumenism. All the major religions of the world somehow integrate the concept of celibacy, the vow of renunciation of marriage and sexual relations, and the Catholic and Protestant churches are no exception.

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