Kahoot End User License Agreement

The cloud Word is still “in the works,” but it can only be available to premium users. Oh, Kahoot! offers a game-based learning platform that brings fun to learning for all subjects, for all ages, and allows users to create, play and share educational games. Oh, Kahoot! Services are offered free of charge or as a paid service depending on the following services. With Kahoot! 360 par, they can have up to 2000 simultaneous players in a kahoot. When you open an organization account, you will ensure and guarantee that you have the right to grant all the permissions and licenses provided by the agreements and to commit it to the agreements. Yes! You can write questions and answers in any language to create a native language experience for participants. If you speak Spanish, we advise you to download the Kahoot! iOS or Android App to find and create kahoots in Spanish. More languages will soon come to our apps and website! Your custom brand appears on the lobby screen while players wait for the kahoot to start during the caiot and on the podium. By obtaining a business license, you will help keep our learning platform free for teachers and their students around the world. Read more about Kahoot!s Mission here Player Identifier is a feature that allows you to identify players from kahoot to kahoot. Players are encouraged to enter their email address (or a personalized ID of your choice) when they join your Kahoot. This identifier is displayed in the reports and allows you to use our “Combined Report” feature.

Increase interaction with polls and puzzles, and host kahoots for up to 50 players Thanks for using Kahoot! (“Kahoot!”, “we,” “we,” “our”). These terms and conditions apply to websites (including kahoot.com, create.kahoot.it, play.kahoot.it and kahoot.it) and mobile software/applications (“Applications”),”) all of which are owned by Kahoot and operated by Kahoot! AS and since or in connection with which you accessed this document. In this agreement, we call these sites and applications “Kahoot!” Service or service. The Kahoot mobile app is called an app. By using the services or accessing the content or material provided by Kahoot! or its users on the service you understand and accept and comply with the following conditions, as stated here in this sense. Save time by creating attractive new cahoots that work with relevant images. Search and choose millions of high-quality unlicensed images from kahoot! Image library (provided by Getty Images). Dian Schaffhauser is the senior contributor to 1105 Media`s educational publications The Journal, Campus Technology and Spaces4Learning. It is available at the [email protected] address or on Twitter @schaffhauser.

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