Santa Barbara City College Articulation Agreements

If Oxnard College does not offer a one-on-one course, students can consult agreements with other local community colleges (such as Ventura College, Moorpark College or Santa Barbara City College) to see if they offer the articulated course. The agreements also define the conditions for the admission of certain majors. For more information, arrange an appointment with an advisor at the Transfer Center. Articulation is the process of developing a formal, bilateral, written agreement identifying courses (or study sequences) on an “issuer” campus (Oxnard College) comparable or acceptable to certain requirements of a “reception campus” (a four-year college/university). The success of an articulation course assures the student and the faculty that the student has taken the corresponding course and has received the necessary teaching and preparation to take the next step at the university/university. At Antioch University in Santa Barbara, we are proud of the individual attention we offer our students. We offer them a close and caring environment in which you build lifelong relationships with your peers and teachers, which are essential to the antioch experience. We are proud to have a joint agreement with Santa Barbara City College. Assist is a computerized information system on student transfers accessible via the internet at the ASSIST.ORG address. This website provides information on how credits earned at California Community Colleges can be applied when transferred to a campus of California State University (CSU) or the University of California (UC). On ASSIST, students can search their major to find out which of the CSU and UC campuses offer their main subject, and then seek articulation agreement between Oxnard College and this campus for this major.

Admission requirements. Our admissions team assists you every step of the way in the admissions process and provides each candidate with individual attention essential to the antioch experience. Our goal is to make the application process as simple as possible. Where can we better experience the vitality of our learning environment than in one of our classrooms? Check out the list of our upcoming briefings. The Oxnard College Transfer Centre is also available for transfer matters. You can find the current pricing plan on the Admission -Records page. For questions and instructions, contact the AUSB Admissions Department to begin your application [email protected] Our bachelor`s degree program offers bachelor`s degrees in the following areas: Antioch has small interactive courses, personalized advice and a variety of flexible learning formats. These were designed to speed up the time to get to the end and change their lives.

With the advisor`s consent, a student can acquire credits from the CSCS while he or she is registered as an anti-do student. The student must complete the “Competitor Enrollment Agreement” form, which must be accompanied by a certificate of registration at the second institution. If the student passes the course with a “C” grade or better, the units are transferred to Antioch and registered as a transfer credit. Simultaneous enrollment allows students to obtain financial support from Antioch University for all registered units of both institutions. Eligible applicants can apply for a graduate program at the same time as the bachelor program through the AUSB undergraduate-to-Graduate Pathway Program.

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