Seo Agreement Template

The service provider is committed to providing the customer with search engine optimization and reporting services as described in this reference agreement for the [Agreement.Period] period. The project begins at the signing of this agreement and ends when all delivery items are completed and approved or the termination of this agreement has begun.

This is no doubt that a written contract exceeds an oral contract. The purpose of a written contract is to define the terms of the agreement so that, when one of the parties becomes unhappy, there is a trace or proof of the agreed terms instead of the verbal history of the transaction, with each person presenting their impressions of what was to happen, even though the details were never actually discussed adequately. A written contract is only there for litigation. Recording how the SEO will do its job or minutiae details is therefore not really relevant. Most of the details are not relevant to the contract itself, while many details that might be relevant have been omitted.

The contract should record all important information, including:

1. The fact that it is an agreement and its purpose, that is, what it is (for example.B.

“The company will provide referencing services to the customer); names – addresses of the parties. To be the address of the seo`d website; the date the contract is concluded and its duration. 2.

. That the written agreement will contain all that has been agreed and cannot be amended, except in writing, and that any other prior agreement will be replaced.

3. The promises made by each party (the customer promises to pay $X and the company will do the work of SEO). It is NOT necessary to list how the company will carry out its tasks.

4. How and when payments are made; if an amount is refunded, under what circumstances and how much.

Any guarantee benefit from The Company or the fact that there is no promise of service. If there is a guarantee on how the results will be measured and applied

5. If the contract ends and how one of the parties can terminate it, including the duration of notice; that the customer compensates the company if the company violates another person`s rights after relying on the customer`s information (copyright infringement, etc.)


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