Walk In Agreement

Amos 3:1 begins with these words: “Listen to this word which the Lord has spoken against you, O people of Israel.” Then verse 2 says, “. that is why I will punish you for all your evil deeds,” followed by our key verse, verse 3, which says, “Do two go together unless they have agreed to meet?” “Going together” with someone here means coordinating with their destination and itinerary. Implicitly, the Prophet “walks” with the Lord. Let`s look at two applications of this verse. Communion with Christ is a great privilege, and no man can achieve it without Christ`s call to his life and if you do not accept Christ as Lord and Redeemer. You must be purified and renewed by the sacrifice of Christ and the power of the Holy Spirit, otherwise you will have no wings to ascend to the high places where Christ shows his love to his people. Unless the same Spirit who dwells in Christ dwells in you, your consent can never rise to such a height that you allow a depth of closeness of union. After seven years of marital marriage, the Bible verse of Amos 3:3: “How can two go together if they disagree?” seems more true than ever. Who wants to live life together miserably? And a marriage in which two go separately is not a marriage as God intended.

If you stand still, you lose the presence of the Master, for only if we continue with the Lord will we continue with Him. Walking with God is probably the best expression of communion with God. Therefore, Scripture in Amos 3:3 implies that two can only go together if they agree. Therefore, He teaches us that if we do not agree with Christ, we cannot attain the sweet state of communion with Him. “Can two go together if they don`t agree?” This march is a sign of progress. When you walk, you lift your feet and do not place them in exactly the same place, but you put one step in front of the other. At every step, you get to your goal. You become more Christ as with every step forward. Strive to move forward and walk with Christ.

To advance on this path, you must be more childish in faith, more in knowledge (this is the Word of God – the Bible), be more diligent in service, and seek more zeal and fervor. .

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